The Fiancee is Here



Description: His fiancee lost her parents so she will be living with the Hyuns, but Sang-Won is a middle schooler and the fiancee is a 24 year old adult!? Sang-Won tries to deny that his fiancee is 9 years older than him, but seeing that she does not act her age, he then feels comfortable around her. The fiancee seems kind and innocent on the outside, but on the inside... Original Webcomic

Category: Comedy Romance

Chapter list Chapter Name Date added
Chapter 11Coincidence (2) Nov 14, 2017
Chapter 10Coincidence (1) Nov 14, 2017
Chapter 9Defeated Oct 30, 2017
Chapter 8Here comes the Fiancee!8 Oct 30, 2017
Chapter 7 Sep 13, 2017
Chapter 6The Fiancees Situation Aug 30, 2017
Chapter 5Way of Living Aug 30, 2017
Chapter 4The Fiancée's Situation Aug 14, 2017
Chapter 3U Ma-ri Aug 05, 2017
Chapter 2Unexpected Finacee (2) Aug 05, 2017
Chapter 1Unexpected Finacee (1) Aug 05, 2017
Chapter 0Prologue Aug 14, 2017