Maou-jou de Oyasumi

Author:KUMANOMATA Kagiji

Artist:KUMANOMATA Kagiji

Description: The princess of the human kingdom has been kidnapped by the demon king! But all she wants to do is get a good night's sleep!?

Category: Shounen Comedy Fantasy

Chapter list Chapter Name Date added
Chapter 34Springy ? Princess Jun 17, 2017
Chapter 33Stop Getting Serious in a Party Game! Jun 04, 2017
Chapter 32Because the Princess is a Naughty Girl May 23, 2017
Chapter 31Although I got merged with a cat, isn't that okay...? May 08, 2017
Chapter 30I Can Upgrade the Window! Apr 23, 2017
Chapter 29Princess' Panties are Good Panties Apr 12, 2017
Chapter 28Totally Fluffy Futon Taxi Mar 28, 2017
Chapter 27The Sloth Making Machine Mar 16, 2017
Chapter 26Demon King Castle (Sleep) Paralysis Play Mar 01, 2017
Chapter 25On a Cradle Unto the Grave Feb 20, 2017
Chapter 24My Laundry Path Feb 02, 2017
Chapter 23I'm Going to Visit You Tonight Jan 18, 2017
Chapter 22Guardian of the Quiet Sleep Jan 04, 2017
Chapter 21Why Can't Honey Be Produced From Nothing? Dec 26, 2016
Chapter 20A Flower's Life is Short Dec 19, 2016
Chapter 19Badump! The Training Tournament Filled With Demons Dec 05, 2016
Chapter 18Friend (Futon) Nov 26, 2016
Chapter 17She Looks Like the Princess and has the Same Brains as Her Too Nov 19, 2016
Chapter 16Princess Finisher-sama Nov 10, 2016
Chapter 15Innocent Villain Oct 29, 2016
Chapter 14The Steam Killing Demon Oct 20, 2016
Chapter 13Head to the Sacred Treasure Forest! Oct 20, 2016
Chapter 12The Sea of Pillows and the Tower of Babel Oct 02, 2016
Chapter 11You Won't Go Down Unless You Touch It Sep 23, 2016
Chapter 10Schlaf' ein holdes Kind Sep 18, 2016
Chapter 9But, It's a Heavy Price to Pay, Isn't It? Sep 10, 2016
Chapter 8The Princess's Three-Star Armour Sep 02, 2016
Chapter 7The Dreaming Poison Mushroom Aug 26, 2016
Chapter 6Keep Howling at the Moon Aug 21, 2016
Chapter 5Because There's a Tower There Aug 21, 2016
Chapter 4Sleeping with the Wind Shield... and Nothing Else Aug 21, 2016
Chapter 3A sweet sleep known as death Jul 27, 2016
Chapter 2 Jul 27, 2016
Chapter 1 Jul 27, 2016