Karada Sagashi


Artist:MURASE Katsutoshi

Description: A cryptic request received out of the blue: "Hey, Asuka... search for my body". This is the start of how Asuka and her friends end up searching for scattered body parts in the middle of the night. If they don't find the entire body, 9th November is repeated and the red person will continue to kill them. Who is the red person? Why is Haruka asking the 6 of them to search for the body parts?

Category: Tragedy School Life Seinen Horror

Chapter list Chapter Name Date added
Chapter 6Second Day 5 Jan 05, 2018
Chapter 5Second Day 4 Dec 26, 2017
Chapter 4 Dec 25, 2017
Chapter 3Second Day 2 Nov 14, 2017
Chapter 22 Jun 29, 2016
Chapter 11 Jun 29, 2016