Author:ASARI Yoshitoo

Artist:ASARI Yoshitoo

Description: From PRISMS: Wahhaman is a special robot soldier built ten thousand years ago by the Atlanteans. Found and dug up in present-day Toukyou, he doesn't remember anything, due to a nasty knock to the head he received at some point.

Category: Comedy Slice of Life Seinen Action Sci-fi

Chapter list Chapter Name Date added
Chapter 16A Clash of Tigers Jun 18, 2017
Chapter 15The Great Bathhouse Offensive Jun 18, 2017
Chapter 14Wahhaman Enraged May 28, 2017
Chapter 13Wahhaman Enraged May 28, 2017
Chapter 12 Mar 08, 2017
Chapter 11The Melody of Assault Feb 25, 2017
Chapter 10Remy's Papa Feb 11, 2017
Chapter 9The Greatest Show in History Dec 22, 2016
Chapter 8The Misfortunes of Remy Aug 19, 2015
Chapter 7Showdown in the Playground Aug 19, 2015
Chapter 6Enter Black Wahhaman Jun 27, 2015
Chapter 5A Young Boy's God Jun 22, 2015
Chapter 4Wahhaman vs JSDF Personnel Jun 20, 2015
Chapter 3Wahhaman Does Take-out May 12, 2015
Chapter 22 Feb 19, 2015
Chapter 1The Revival of Wahhaman Jan 31, 2015