Author:TAKAO Hiroi

Artist:KAMURO Akira

Description: 1) The sound of the sea With the sound of the sea in the background, pressed on by the overwhelming literary style, a pure love that is too bitter-sweet. High school student Shougo lives in a rural port city. The moment he meets the art teacher Asano, who was transferred here from the city... He is ruled by indescribably intense emotions. ...Shougo masturbates while dreaming of violating Asano. 2) Moon on the 16th night 3) Duplicate key 4) Last kiss 5) 3:00 am: Continuation of first story.

Category: Romance Slice of Life School Life Drama Yaoi

Chapter list Chapter Name Date added
Chapter 4.5 Aug 22, 2016
Chapter 4.14.1 Jul 12, 2015
Chapter 4.0014.001 Oct 26, 2014
Chapter 44 Oct 26, 2014
Chapter 33 Oct 26, 2014
Chapter 22 Oct 26, 2014
Chapter 11 Oct 26, 2014