Uchi no Darling Gaikokujin

Author:ARAYA Miki

Artist:ARAYA Miki

Description: From Blissful Sin: "Please marry me, Asakusa." Though, I thought I was asking where Asakusa was. Alex, a traveler from England, wanted to get to his destination, Asakusa, but he got lost in a quiet residential area. He unleashed the only Japanese words he knew at a man walking towards him, incorrect Japanese taught to him by a friend who was playing a prank! But the other person blushed and replied, "Yes"...?

Category: Comedy Romance Drama Yaoi Smut

Chapter list Chapter Name Date added
Chapter 6.5Extra [End] Aug 22, 2016
Chapter 6 Oct 29, 2016
Chapter 5 Aug 22, 2016
Chapter 4 Aug 22, 2016
Chapter 3 Aug 22, 2016
Chapter 22 Oct 26, 2014
Chapter 11 Oct 26, 2014