Seigi Keikan Monju

Author:MIYASHITA Hiroki

Artist:MIYASHITA Hiroki

Description: Monju, the last representative of the Japanese police force, can not believe his circuits! He has been assigned to a police station in a rural area. Aside of being forced to team up with Junpei Yamagashi, a young police officer obsessed with women and whether or not he's balding, he also needs to defend himself against hostility towards him. When a perverted voyeur gets reported the robot places his suspicions immediately on his partner. But Junpei won't stand for the accusations and is determined to restore his honor! -------------------- From MangaHelpers: Monju was a prototype of a line of anti-crime police robots, and he was an elite, celebrated member of the force. Now, to his dismay, he's been re-assigned out in the country, working alongside Yamagashi Junpei, a young cop who is mostly concerned with his possibly thinning hair and sexy women. Monju's combat capabilities seem unnecessary for a small town with its small crimes, and the people don't initially welcome him. Monju will have to find his place in this new situation, and win over the people around him with his skill for protecting the innocent. The first major case he must solve is catching an underwear thief, who Monju suspects might actually be the perverted Junpei. Will the two of them be able to catch the thief and clear Junpei's name? [tethysdust]

Category: Comedy Slice of Life Seinen Action Sci-fi Mecha

Chapter list Chapter Name Date added
Chapter 9Wandering Robot People - Unexpected Conspiracy Dec 25, 2017
Chapter 8The End of the Coincidental Bank Robber Dec 26, 2017
Chapter 7Lonely Mana Nov 27, 2017
Chapter 6The Miracle of the Heartbreaker Monju Nov 27, 2017
Chapter 5Many Memories of Shinyou Nov 14, 2017
Chapter 4Ginsei Development Division Kamiya's Shino Tear Nov 02, 2017
Chapter 3Old Man Gen Goes to Tokyo with Monju Oct 16, 2017
Chapter 2The Exploits of the Horny Cop Yamaguchi Junpei Oct 16, 2017
Chapter 1Natural-Born Cop Monju Oct 26, 2014