Uchi no Heika ga Shinmai de.

Author:KOSUMI Fujiko

Artist:KOSUMI Fujiko

Description: Shuka, princess of the kingdom of Kouka, was raised in a very sheltered environment in an inner palace. As her fifteenth birthday approaches, her father and brothers die one by one because of a sudden epidemic, and the kingdom has to find a new king (or queen)...! Supported by Zen, a military officer who serves as her retainer, Shuka must face the challenge of a role she knows little about...

Category: Shoujo Fantasy Romance

Chapter list Chapter Name Date added
Chapter 1111 May 02, 2017
Chapter 1010 May 02, 2017
Chapter 99 Mar 09, 2017
Chapter 8Aiya! Shinshin's Second Form!? Aug 22, 2016
Chapter 7Marriage? Retirement!? Aug 22, 2016
Chapter 6We, the Queen's Guard Aug 22, 2016
Chapter 5Shuka's Declaration May 18, 2015
Chapter 4Her Highness's First Mission Apr 23, 2015
Chapter 33 Oct 26, 2014
Chapter 22 Oct 26, 2014
Chapter 11 Oct 26, 2014