UFO Robo Grendizer (OUTA Gosaku)

Author:NAGAI Go

Artist:OUTA Gosaku

Description: UFO Robot Grendizer is the third entry in the Mazinger Trilogy by Go Nagai, following Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger. This particular incarnation was illustrated by Gosaku Ota and published in Boken Oh, Otomodachi from October 1975 – March 1977. It follows the adventures of Duke Fleed, the sole survivor of an attack on the Vegan Empire, who defends his second home, the Earth, from the Vegan attack, together with the giant robot Grendizer.

Category: Shounen Fantasy Drama Action Sci-fi Mecha

Chapter list Chapter Name Date added
Chapter 12Where There's Life Aug 21, 2016
Chapter 11The Mysterious Stone Statue Under the Sea Aug 22, 2016
Chapter 10The Vegan Army Comes to Earth Aug 22, 2016
Chapter 99 Jan 19, 2016
Chapter 88 Feb 01, 2015
Chapter 77 Oct 26, 2014
Chapter 6The Black Zone Plan Sep 01, 2013
Chapter 5The Mysterious Mycenaean Underground Empire Sep 01, 2013
Chapter 4The Wrath of Grendizer Sep 01, 2013
Chapter 3The Sadness of Duke Fleed Sep 01, 2013
Chapter 2Defeat the Vegans! Sep 01, 2013
Chapter 1Grendizer Arrives! Sep 01, 2013