Uchuu Seiki Eiyuu Densetsu - Mobile Suit Gundam MSV-R

Author:KOSAI Takayuki

Artist:KOSAI Takayuki

Description: Many heroes have fought through the eras. Soldiers play a sonorous melody, their traces shaping the course of history. Even now, their stories shall be read from a corner of the Pantheon. For those with regrets in their hearts, the battle begins. This is a tale of heroes who fell in space. I. White Wolf of Rainbows: There was once a man called the White Wolf of Solomon. A man who was even said to be the right hand man of Vice Admiral Dozle Zabi, the commander of the Principality of Zeon’s Space Assault Force. The year 0079 of the Universal Century was a year painted with death and destruction, all in the name of Zeon’s war for independence. So how did that man live through those times? This is the story that traces his paths…

Category: Shounen Drama Action Sci-fi Mecha

Chapter list Chapter Name Date added
Chapter 6FABULOUS-W006 RAINBOW Sep 01, 2013
Chapter 5FABULOUS-W005 SLAUGHTER Sep 01, 2013
Chapter 4FABULOUS-W004 OPEN WAR Sep 01, 2013
Chapter 3FABULOUS-W003 MEMOIR Sep 01, 2013
Chapter 2FABULOUS-W002 JUNCTION Sep 01, 2013
Chapter 1FABULOUS-W001 MASTER PERISH Sep 01, 2013