Uchi no Darling Eikoku Shinshi

Author:ARAYA Miki

Artist:ARAYA Miki

Description: "Is this what sex is?!" An English nobleman, Earl Christopher (33 years old), lives a systematic and routine life. Due to his methodical way of life, he has been isolated from the living world and does not even know what sex is... One morning, Christopher comes upon a man camping in his territory. Because of Kanamori, a Japanese gardener, part of his territory has been unexpectedly turned into a Japanese garden with a water fountain! Kanamori expresses his liking to the enraged Christopher and suddenly pushes him down... A nobleman's first time and a barbaric Japanese man in a field of grass!

Category: Comedy Romance Yaoi Smut

Chapter list Chapter Name Date added
Chapter 45Vol.V01 Ch.004.5 Mar 24, 2012
Chapter 4.5My Master is an English Gentleman Mar 21, 2011
Chapter 4Preference: Part 4 Mar 21, 2011
Chapter 3Preference: Part 3 Feb 22, 2011
Chapter 2Preference: Part 2 Feb 22, 2011
Chapter 1Preference: Part 1 Feb 19, 2011