1/2 Fairy!

Author:OKANO Fumika

Artist:OKANO Fumika

Description: From Wingtip Cafe: Ellen moves to a new house in the country side. There she meets a spunky green-haired elf and learns an alarming truth. She?s a half fairy! - The Children of Planet A - Paula's father is a novelist. One day, she comes across a story that he had written long ago and took the words from the story into her life. Plus two other stories

Category: Shoujo Comedy Fantasy Drama

Chapter list Chapter Name Date added
Chapter 3The Children of Planet A Feb 09, 2008
Chapter 2Hanbun Fairy Feb 10, 2008
Chapter 1.21.2 Jul 12, 2015
Chapter 1.11.1 Jul 12, 2015
Chapter 1.0021.002 Jul 25, 2012
Chapter 1.0011.001 Jul 25, 2012
Chapter 1Half Fairy Feb 09, 2008