-Another- Xak

Author:SETA Noriyasu

Artist:Seta Noriyasu

Description: [another] Xak manga was based on the games, called Xak. They were popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Originally published in Comic Saga/Comic PC World, it was going to be a two part manga. But Seta Noriyasu had other things to deal with. This manga takes place after Xak III(game), and our characters encounter a mystery fog...Only 50 pages have been released.

Category: Shounen Comedy Fantasy Adventure Action

Chapter list Chapter Name Date added
Chapter 2727 Aug 10, 2010
Chapter 5.5April 4th act. 5.5 Jul 27, 2012
Chapter 5April 4th act. 5 Jul 27, 2012
Chapter 4April 4th act. 4 Jul 27, 2012
Chapter 3April 4th act. 3 Jul 27, 2012
Chapter 1 Jul 27, 2012