Shingeki no Kyojin

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Chapter list Chapter Name Action
Chapter 100Shingeki no Kyojin 100:
Chapter 9999
Chapter 98Good For You
Chapter 97From One Hand To The Other
Chapter 96A gate of hope
Chapter 95Liar
Chapter 94The Boy Inside the Wall
Chapter 93Train in the Dead of Night
Chapter 92The Warriors of Marley
Chapter 91The Other Side of the Ocean
Chapter 90To the Other Side of the Wall
Chapter 89Meeting
Chapter 88The Attacker Titan
Chapter 87Border Line
Chapter 86That Day
Chapter 85The Basement
Chapter 84Midnight Sun
Chapter 83Cut Off
Chapter 82Hero
Chapter 81Promise
Chapter 80The Nameless Soldiers
Chapter 79A Perfect Game
Chapter 78Visit
Chapter 77The World They Saw
Chapter 76The Lightning Spear
Chapter 75Two Spheres of Battle
Chapter 74The Mission’s Conditions of Victory
Chapter 73The City Where It All Began
Chapter 72The Night of the Recovery Operation
Chapter 71Bystander
Chapter 70A Dream I Once Had
Chapter 69Friend
Chapter 68Monarch of the Walls
Chapter 67Orvud Distrct, Beyond the Walls
Chapter 6666
Chapter 6565
Chapter 6464
Chapter 6363
Chapter 6262
Chapter 6161
Chapter 6060
Chapter 5959
Chapter 5858
Chapter 57Kenny the Ripper
Chapter 5656
Chapter 5555
Chapter 5454
Chapter 5353
Chapter 5252
Chapter 51.151.1
Chapter 5151
Chapter 50.150.1
Chapter 5050
Chapter 4949
Chapter 4848
Chapter 4747
Chapter 46Opening
Chapter 45Pursuers
Chapter 44Punch, throw, lock
Chapter 43Armored Titan
Chapter 42Warrior
Chapter 41Historia
Chapter 40Ymir
Chapter 39Soldier
Chapter 38Castle Utgard
Chapter 37To the Southwest
Chapter 36I'm Home
Chapter 35The Boy's Brightly Shining Eyes
Chapter 34Warriors Dance
Chapter 33The Wall
Chapter 32Mercy
Chapter 3131
Chapter 30The Defeated
Chapter 29Hammer
Chapter 28Choice and It's Consequences
Chapter 27Irvin Smith
Chapter 26The Expedient Path
Chapter 25Bite
Chapter 24The Forest of Giant Trees
Chapter 23The Female Type Titan
Chapter 22The Formation For Long Distance Enemy Detection
Chapter 21The Gate Opens
Chapter 20The Special Operations Squad
Chapter 19Eyes Not Seen Before
Chapter 18.518.5
Chapter 18.00518.005
Chapter 18Now, What Is to Be Done?
Chapter 17Illusions of Force
Chapter 16Need
Chapter 15One by One
Chapter 14Primordial Desire
Chapter 1313
Chapter 1212
Chapter 1111
Chapter 1010
Chapter 9.59.5
Chapter 9I Can Hear His Heart Beating
Chapter 8Howl
Chapter 7Short Blade
Chapter 6The World Through a Little Girl's Eyes
Chapter 5Attack on Titan
Chapter 4Their First Battle
Chapter 3The Night of the Disbanding
Chapter 2On That Day
Chapter 1.5First draft [storyboard] for Chapter 1
Chapter 1To You, In 2000 Years
Chapter 00