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Chapter list Chapter Name Action
Chapter 240.6Vol 22Side Story 6: Parent And Child
Chapter 240.5240.5
Chapter 240.4240.4
Chapter 240.3240.3
Chapter 240.2240.2
Chapter 240.1240.1
Chapter 240Last Babu, Good Babu, Ishiyama High [End]
Chapter 239Zebul Finisher
Chapter 238The Final Attack
Chapter 237Guess I'll Show You
Chapter 236Enough Already!!
Chapter 235Countdown
Chapter 234Just a Monster
Chapter 233Ishiyama, A Mountain of Stones
Chapter 232Back to Ishiyama
Chapter 231It Was A Fun Ride
Chapter 230A Mother Always Worries
Chapter 229Father And Son, And Mother
Chapter 228Babu 228 - Captain Fuck!
Chapter 227Genuine Thug
Chapter 226How Far is Mom's House?
Chapter 225Fuckin' Jap!!
Chapter 224The Crab And The Joke
Chapter 223Even with Three of Them, Furuichi Is an Idiot
Chapter 222Infighting! Triple Furuichi
Chapter 221Farewell!? Furuichi!!
Chapter 220Ishiyama's Head Dog
Chapter 219Absurdity Reigns!
Chapter 218Checkmate
Chapter 217Double-Crosser
Chapter 216Dah Dah Dah Dah Dash!!
Chapter 215Baby Beel is Gone!
Chapter 214Bloom
Chapter 213Takamiya and Lucifer
Chapter 212The Man Least Suited
Chapter 211The Toujou of Tennis
Chapter 210I Don't Have That
Chapter 209Touhoushin(ki)
Chapter 208Furuichi is Dead!!?
Chapter 207You're The One Who's Going to Die!
Chapter 206Worlds Above You!
Chapter 205Furuichi Runs on Hedacos' Power
Chapter 204The Captured Tactician
Chapter 203The Traitorous Pompadour
Chapter 202King's Crest for Dummies
Chapter 201The Queen Dances
Chapter 200The 3rd
Chapter 199Get Her!
Chapter 198A Clash Between The Old And New Red Tails!!
Chapter 197This is Bad!
Chapter 196The Weight of His Fists ?
Chapter 195Daddy Switch!!
Chapter 194Kanzaki Strikes Back
Chapter 193VS. The Poltergeists!!
Chapter 192That's Exactly What I was Going to Do!
Chapter 191Who's Going to Beat Oga?
Chapter 190Ishiyama's Six Upstarts
Chapter 189Oh! My Eggplant
Chapter 188The Den of Hoodlums
Chapter 187Trial!
Chapter 186The Final Decisive X'mas Battle!! Part 2
Chapter 185The Final Decisive X’mas Battle!!
Chapter 184Semifinals! Vs. Toujou!
Chapter 183Ishiyama Battle!!
Chapter 182Fierce Battle!! Best 8
Chapter 181Showdown! The Strongest Couple!!
Chapter 180The Tournament Starts!!
Chapter 179The Curtain Rises! Saint-Sent X’mas!!
Chapter 178Christmas is Coming!! Part 2
Chapter 177Christmas is Coming!!
Chapter 176The Season's Already Winter
Chapter 175Damn Strong Already!
Chapter 174Tatsumi and Takachin
Chapter 173Oga vs. Furuichi
Chapter 172Furuichi Vs. Toujou
Chapter 171Furuichi vs. Shinki!!
Chapter 170Mob-Ichi Graduates!?
Chapter 169Furuichi Panic
Chapter 168Fiancée
Chapter 167The Man I Fell in Love with
Chapter 166Mother
Chapter 165Pompadour
Chapter 164Disgust
Chapter 163Falling Out
Chapter 162.5
Chapter 162Spur of the Moment Fighter
Chapter 161San Marx Private Fine Arts Academy
Chapter 160Video Message
Chapter 159A Conclusion to the Hero Show!!
Chapter 158We’re Going To Be In The Hero Show!!
Chapter 157We’re going to the Hero Show!!
Chapter 156Baby Driver
Chapter 155The School Trip is Done!!
Chapter 154Showdown Between the Child-Rearing Badasses
Chapter 153.5153.5
Chapter 153.005Omake
Chapter 153Chief
Chapter 152Lost
Chapter 151151
Chapter 150Churai
Chapter 149Chiyo Aiba
Chapter 148Izou Aiba
Chapter 147Child-Rearing Badass on a Field Trip
Chapter 146We're going on a field trip!!
Chapter 145Watercut
Chapter 144Futaba
Chapter 143Young Boss
Chapter 142The Prince's Kiss
Chapter 141The Wet Nurse with Amnesia
Chapter 140We're Going to Get Your Memories Back!!
Chapter 139Tatsumi
Chapter 138.5New Year Special
Chapter 138.1.New Year Special
Chapter 138Demon Lord's Father
Chapter 137VS. Jabberwock
Chapter 136General of The Army
Chapter 135Game
Chapter 134Girl's Battle
Chapter 133.5133.5
Chapter 133Fight
Chapter 132The King and I
Chapter 131I Suck at Math
Chapter 130130
Chapter 129129
Chapter 128128
Chapter 127127
Chapter 126Vs. Citizens!?
Chapter 125Ikaruga Suiten
Chapter 124Decapitation Island
Chapter 123Hr At Demon High
Chapter 122All-Star Team
Chapter 121Game
Chapter 120General of the Army
Chapter 119119
Chapter 118Let's Infiltrate the Akumano School!!
Chapter 117117
Chapter 116116
Chapter 115115
Chapter 114The Red Tails' Scheme
Chapter 113113
Chapter 112112
Chapter 111Body Exchange
Chapter 110110
Chapter 109Th End of the Fight!? The Start!?
Chapter 108Super Milk Time
Chapter 107I'M...
Chapter 106Oga's Fight
Chapter 105.5105.5
Chapter 105The Demons Have Returned
Chapter 104104
Chapter 103What are they up to next door?!
Chapter 102Found Ya!
Chapter 101Game Over!!
Chapter 100Follow Baby-Beel
Chapter 99Cheat?!
Chapter 98I Won't Cast Away My Pride
Chapter 97The End of War 4
Chapter 9696
Chapter 95King En of The Net Game
Chapter 94If This Gets Out, There Will Be Trouble
Chapter 93Demon's XX
Chapter 92Stone And Sprit
Chapter 9191
Chapter 90The Training!!
Chapter 89I'm So Weak
Chapter 88.588.5
Chapter 8888
Chapter 87I Never Expected This To Happen
Chapter 86Will Die
Chapter 85A Demon? That's a Demon, Right?
Chapter 84Confrontation
Chapter 83Behemoth's Pillar Squad
Chapter 82The Crybaby Brothers
Chapter 81Destroy Humanity
Chapter 80He Came
Chapter 79I'm Not Your Enemy
Chapter 78Saotome Zenjuurou
Chapter 7777
Chapter 76The Demon King Has Come
Chapter 75.5Extra Story: I Had A Fight
Chapter 75Back To Back
Chapter 74I Can't Take It Anymore!
Chapter 73The Man Who Came To Destroy
Chapter 72.572.5
Chapter 72I Won't Let This End!!
Chapter 7171
Chapter 7070
Chapter 6969
Chapter 6868
Chapter 6767
Chapter 6666
Chapter 6565
Chapter 6464
Chapter 6363
Chapter 6262
Chapter 6161
Chapter 6060
Chapter 5959
Chapter 5858
Chapter 5757
Chapter 5656
Chapter 5555
Chapter 5454
Chapter 5353
Chapter 5252
Chapter 5151
Chapter 5050
Chapter 4949
Chapter 4848
Chapter 47.5Omake 1
Chapter 4747
Chapter 4646
Chapter 4545
Chapter 4444
Chapter 4343
Chapter 4242
Chapter 4141
Chapter 4040
Chapter 3939
Chapter 3838
Chapter 3737
Chapter 3636
Chapter 3535
Chapter 3434
Chapter 3333
Chapter 3232
Chapter 3131
Chapter 3030
Chapter 2929
Chapter 2828
Chapter 2727
Chapter 2626
Chapter 2525
Chapter 2424
Chapter 2323
Chapter 2222
Chapter 2121
Chapter 2020
Chapter 1919
Chapter 1818
Chapter 1717
Chapter 1616
Chapter 1515
Chapter 1414
Chapter 1313
Chapter 1212
Chapter 1111
Chapter 1010
Chapter 99
Chapter 88
Chapter 77
Chapter 66
Chapter 55
Chapter 44
Chapter 33
Chapter 2.5
Chapter 22
Chapter 11
Chapter 0[Oneshot]