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Chapter list Chapter Name Action
Chapter 666Gintama 666:
Chapter 665Flame of Life
Chapter 664Guard Dog
Chapter 663Gintama 663:
Chapter 662Things Without Ends
Chapter 661The Beginning of the End
Chapter 660Say Something Nice About Your Old Man Once in a While
Chapter 659Hold Onto Trump Cards
Chapter 658A Creature That Just Barks
Chapter 657Dogs Love their Pack
Chapter 656Someone Unemployed Cannot be Stained by Anything
Chapter 655It's Hard to See the Bottom From the Sky, but it's Easy to See th...
Chapter 654Compact Pets are Easier to Keep
Chapter 653Two Swords
Chapter 652652
Chapter 651651
Chapter 650650
Chapter 649649
Chapter 648648
Chapter 647647
Chapter 646646
Chapter 645645
Chapter 644644
Chapter 643643
Chapter 642642
Chapter 641641
Chapter 640640
Chapter 639639
Chapter 638638
Chapter 637637
Chapter 636636
Chapter 635635
Chapter 634634
Chapter 633633
Chapter 632632
Chapter 631631
Chapter 630630
Chapter 629629
Chapter 628628
Chapter 627627
Chapter 626626
Chapter 625625
Chapter 624624
Chapter 623623
Chapter 622622
Chapter 621621
Chapter 620620
Chapter 619619
Chapter 618618
Chapter 617617
Chapter 616616
Chapter 615615
Chapter 614614
Chapter 613613
Chapter 612We are a Part of the Universe, We are the Universe Itself
Chapter 611There's Nothing as Depressing as a Bossy Person that Likes Festivals
Chapter 610A Machine That's Learned to be Useless is Called a Piece of Junk (Or...
Chapter 609Old Men Etch Things They Can't Forget Into Their Wrinkles
Chapter 608Jump Comes Out on Monday, Magazine and Sunday Come Out on Wednesday
Chapter 607The T in T-Shirt is the T in Tamashii (Soul)
Chapter 606People that Lecture Others About Not Smoking Can't Give it up Themse...
Chapter 605605
Chapter 604The Difference Between Tenacious and Obstinate is Paper Thin
Chapter 603Ninjas and Idiots like High Places
Chapter 602Delinquent Kids Have Long Hair Going Down the Backs of Their Necks
Chapter 601If You Skip Reading Jump for One Week, Then Make Sure You Read Closely
Chapter 600Your Abs Won't be Ripped but Your Ass Will Be
Chapter 599Don't go Overboard with Seasoning
Chapter 598Everyone has a Terminal Between Their Legs
Chapter 597Even if a Natural Perm Gets Limp and Bent, It'll Eventually Spring B...
Chapter 596596
Chapter 595595
Chapter 594594
Chapter 593593
Chapter 592592
Chapter 591591
Chapter 590590
Chapter 589589
Chapter 588588
Chapter 587587
Chapter 586586
Chapter 585585
Chapter 584584
Chapter 583583
Chapter 582582
Chapter 581581
Chapter 580580
Chapter 579579
Chapter 578578
Chapter 577577
Chapter 576576
Chapter 575575
Chapter 574574
Chapter 573573
Chapter 572572
Chapter 571571
Chapter 570570
Chapter 569569
Chapter 568568
Chapter 567567
Chapter 566566
Chapter 565565
Chapter 564564
Chapter 563563
Chapter 562562
Chapter 561561
Chapter 560560
Chapter 559559
Chapter 558558
Chapter 557557
Chapter 556556
Chapter 555555
Chapter 554554
Chapter 553553
Chapter 552552
Chapter 551551
Chapter 550Farewell Shinsengumi
Chapter 549Nobume
Chapter 548Something Forgotten
Chapter 547Mistake
Chapter 546Last Address
Chapter 545Karma
Chapter 544Memories of the Sword
Chapter 543Signal Fire
Chapter 542Shinigami
Chapter 541Star of Freedom
Chapter 540Villain
Chapter 539Undelivered Email
Chapter 538True Path
Chapter 537'That Name is...'
Chapter 536Two Generals
Chapter 535Shinsengumi Kyokuchuu Hatto Article 47
Chapter 534Iron Rules of Surveillance
Chapter 533Stray Dogs
Chapter 532Festival
Chapter 531Jailbreak
Chapter 530The Shogun and the Villains (Joui Patriots)
Chapter 529529
Chapter 528528
Chapter 527527
Chapter 526526
Chapter 525525
Chapter 524Farewell, Pal
Chapter 523Resistance
Chapter 522The Disciples of Shouyou
Chapter 521.5521.5
Chapter 521After the War, the Crow Caws
Chapter 520Sakata Gintoki of Shouka Sonjuku
Chapter 519519
Chapter 518518
Chapter 517517
Chapter 516516
Chapter 515515
Chapter 514514
Chapter 513513
Chapter 512512
Chapter 511511
Chapter 510510
Chapter 509Proof (Scar)
Chapter 508Soul of the Shinobi
Chapter 507Steel Peashooter
Chapter 506Shinobi Country
Chapter 505Villains and Policemen
Chapter 504A Shogun's Duty and a Shinobi's Duty
Chapter 503A Horse From a Gourd
Chapter 502Shoguns of Light and Shadow
Chapter 501Guardian Spirits are a Part of the Body, Too
Chapter 500Does Everyone Really See the Same World?
Chapter 499Glasses are Part of the Heart
Chapter 498Oil Rain
Chapter 497Strike While the Iron and the Evil King are Hot
Chapter 496In Both Spring and Winter
Chapter 495Eternal Flower
Chapter 494Beast Trash
Chapter 493The Heavens Do Not Make Beautiful Women Better Than Ugly Women
Chapter 492Smoke Rises in Places Without Love
Chapter 491Afurou and Af-ro
Chapter 490Afros of Justice and Betrayal
Chapter 489Afros of Love and Hate
Chapter 488Afros of Life and Death
Chapter 487An ID Photo is Proof of the Harshness of Reality
Chapter 486There are Two Types of Humans in the World, Those that Shout Special...
Chapter 485There is Trash that Even a Matsuibou Cannot Get Rid of
Chapter 484Pauses Never Happen at Good Times
Chapter 483Two Monkeys
Chapter 482The Kanji for Thief are Quite Evil
Chapter 481Essay Manga are Easy to Draw
Chapter 480Always Open Bags as if They Have Rocks Inside
Chapter 479True Merchant
Chapter 478Stick a Barf Bag in your Handbag, Too
Chapter 477Always Open Bags Like They Have 50 Million in Them
Chapter 476I'm Yorozuya and He's Shinsengumi
Chapter 475I'm a Leader and You're Also a Leader
Chapter 474I'm Eyeglasses and He's Sunglasses
Chapter 473I'm Unqualified to be a Leader and He's Also Unqualified to be a Lea...
Chapter 472I'm the Right Ball and He's the Left Ball
Chapter 471I'll be V-Shape and He'll be Natural Perm
Chapter 470I'm Mayoler and He's Sweet Tooth
Chapter 469Farewell, Shinigami
Chapter 468Ikeda Yaemon
Chapter 467Okita Also Disappeared, at the End of the Total Sadist Line
Chapter 466Hijikata Disappeared at the End of the Mayonnaise Line
Chapter 465An Oni or a Human?
Chapter 464Morning and Night Shinigami
Chapter 463Characters that Show Up Wearing All White Will End Up Dead, Covered ...
Chapter 462Not a Damn Thing Happened in Summer 2013
Chapter 461Hide Your Face Without Hiding Your Heart
Chapter 460Love is a Roach Motel
Chapter 459Saying Goodbye is Easy
Chapter 458Feigned Illnesses are the Source of All Kinds of Diseases
Chapter 457Making Light of Early Plot Elements is Fatal
Chapter 456The Phoenix Will Always Rise Again
Chapter 455You Hide Erotic Books But You Don't Hide *****
Chapter 454A Reunion Party of Onis and Shadows
Chapter 453At Reunions, Memories You Don't Want to Remember Reawaken, Too
Chapter 452It's Hard to Enter a Reunion Party When You Get There Late
Chapter 451Human Life Lasts only 50 years, Contrast Human Life with Life of Get...
Chapter 450Human Life Lasts only 50 years, Contrast Human Life with Life of Get...
Chapter 449Mettle of an Idol
Chapter 448Chapters of the Chosen Bitches
Chapter 447Diamonds Cannot be Scratched
Chapter 446Wash Your Hands Before Handshakes
Chapter 445Snot Diamond
Chapter 444Sunglasses of Life and Death
Chapter 443Mommy's Bentou are Always Too Cold and Somewhat Squashed
Chapter 442The G-Pen is a Capricious, the Maru-Pen is Stubborn
Chapter 44110-1=
Chapter 440Affection, Heartache, Manliness and Femininity
Chapter 439When You Forget About Calories is When They Come Back
Chapter 438I Believe I Can Both Be Beautiful and Make Manga
Chapter 4379 + 1 = Yagyuu Jyuubee
Chapter 436New Sentai Sentais Seem to Start Out as Things You Could Never Appro...
Chapter 435All Answers are in the Field
Chapter 434Fashionable is Something that Disappears the Moment it is put Into W...
Chapter 433One Family
Chapter 432One Crust of Bread
Chapter 431A Bowl of Ramen
Chapter 430The Difference Between Godly Games and Shitty Games is Paper Thin
Chapter 429Invisible Scabbard
Chapter 428Most Powerful Sword VS Worst Dull Blade
Chapter 427Realistically, Spiral Turds Have a Maximum of Two Full Twists
Chapter 426Fools and Katana Need Nice Handling
Chapter 425Total Sadist VS Total Sadist
Chapter 4243000 Leagues in Search of Scabbard
Chapter 423No One is Interested in License Photos
Chapter 422Bald Dad, Gray Haired Dad, and Four-Eyed Dad
Chapter 421Romantic Love and Paternal Affection
Chapter 420The Stairway of Adulthood Isn't Something You Only Go Up
Chapter 419Set the Heart Aflame
Chapter 418Mirrors Show Both Beauty and Ugliness Exactly as They Are
Chapter 417Rather than Memorizing Years, You Should Burn Human Beings into Your...
Chapter 416Dudes with Huge Nostrils also Have Huge Imaginations
Chapter 415Being a Leader is Tough
Chapter 414Fool!
Chapter 413Jesus
Chapter 412Amen
Chapter 411A Begirama Summer
Chapter 410Booze, Gasoline, Smiles, and Tears
Chapter 409Doctrine of the Beam Saber Style
Chapter 408Shin-boy and Hajime-nii
Chapter 407We Don't Want 'em, You Bastard
Chapter 406Each Person's Dignity
Chapter 405Two Aniki's.
Chapter 404A Laughing Gate Invites Misfortune
Chapter 403The Sound of the Thing Called a Beam Shoots Through All People
Chapter 402Dog Food Makes for a Surprisingly Good Snack to go with Alchohol
Chapter 401Dog Food Has Less Taste than it Appears to
Chapter 400One Editor is Enough
Chapter 399Unsinking Moon
Chapter 398Two Demons
Chapter 397Samurai's Country
Chapter 396Vow
Chapter 395Paradise and Hell
Chapter 394Bitter Enemies in the Same Boat
Chapter 393Purge
Chapter 392The Sun and the Moon
Chapter 391Five Fingers
Chapter 390''Country Seizing'' is Kinda More Exciting to Write than ''Country T...
Chapter 389Sleepovers are Where you Get Pranked by the Guys that Go to Sleep Fi...
Chapter 388Inside the Palace, I Daresay!!
Chapter 387Eww! Not You, Old Man!!
Chapter 386Prostitute on the Other Foot
Chapter 385In the End, Parents Don't Like Anyone the Kid Brings Home
Chapter 384Observational Love Begins with Observation
Chapter 383When You're Sleeping Under a Kotatsu, Be Careful You Don't Cook Your...
Chapter 382Otoshidamas' Compatibility with Dirty Jokes is Outstanding
Chapter 381Presents Should be Early
Chapter 380Mantama Rod 1 : A Man's Sword
Chapter 379Kintama Final Lesson: 'A Protagonist Is'
Chapter 378Kintama Lesson 7: Steel Memories
Chapter 377Kintama Lesson 6: Writing 'Enemy' and Reading it as 'Friend'
Chapter 376Kintama Lesson 5: Writing 'Friend' and Reading it as 'Enemy'
Chapter 375Kintama Lesson 4: Kin-san's Kin****
Chapter 374Kintama Lesson 3: Gintoki and Kintoki
Chapter 373Kintama Lesson 2: There are No Good Guys with Blong Hair and Straigh...
Chapter 372Kintama Lesson 1: Nobody with a Straight Perm is a Bad Guy
Chapter 371Madaodog Millionaire
Chapter 370Letter From a Baragaki
Chapter 369Festival of the No-Good Brats
Chapter 368Baragaki (Thorn Brat) and Baragaki (Rose Brat)
Chapter 367The Thorns Entwined in the Cogs
Chapter 366It May be Painful to Have an Unsuccessful Sibling, but Even if They ...
Chapter 365Check it Out!!
Chapter 364Women Like Vegeta, Men Like Piccolo
Chapter 363Written in Alphabetical Notation, All of Mankind Are Hosts
Chapter 362When Asked if I'm a CoroCoro Sort of Guy or a BonBon Sort of Guy, I ...
Chapter 361On the Canvas Called Manga, Draw With the Pen Called Life
Chapter 360.5360.5
Chapter 360.1
Chapter 360.005360.005
Chapter 360.001
Chapter 360
Chapter 359
Chapter 358
Chapter 357
Chapter 356
Chapter 355
Chapter 354Forgettable Guys Show Up When They're Forgotten
Chapter 353Picture Story Show, Dream Story Show, I Don't Wanna Know
Chapter 352Out of Range Messenger
Chapter 351Thinking of a Title for This Thing that Sounds like a Text Message S...
Chapter 350The Wide World is Riddled with Love
Chapter 349.5
Chapter 349Love isn't Something to Take, but Something One Receives
Chapter 348.5348.5
Chapter 348Love is an Illusion
Chapter 347Love Has No Pluses or Minuses
Chapter 346We Can't Take a Company Vacation There!!
Chapter 345Even When One Puts the Utmost Effort into Creating Snow Domes, the N...
Chapter 344I Daresay, May I Come Skiing With You?
Chapter 343Blue and Red Ecstasy
Chapter 342I'll Throw You Into Solitary
Chapter 341Everyone Wears Pajamas
Chapter 340Sure Prison Break Season, Two Still Had Sure, Prison Break Season Tw...
Chapter 339People are Able to Live by Forgetting Some Things
Chapter 338Beware of the Housewife Nextdoor
Chapter 337It'll be Okay
Chapter 336Even at End of Year Parties, There are Things You Can't Forget
Chapter 335If Camilla Fans and Vidal Sasoon Fans and Timote Fans All Wash Each ...
Chapter 334.5334.5
Chapter 334.005334.005
Chapter 334In Bath Houses, Your Hearts and Bodies are Totally Naked
Chapter 333Everyone has committed the sin of borrowing without returning
Chapter 332Honestly, Nobody Ever Remembers a Thing About Field Trips to Factories
Chapter 331Field Trips Are Often Learning Experiences Even for Adults
Chapter 330An Old Man's Heart Is Suprisingly Soft
Chapter 329An Old Guy's Home Situation Is Usually Pretty Tough
Chapter 328Crab Claws are Pincers that Sever Bonds
Chapter 327Candles Are a Bit Exciting Aren't They?
Chapter 326Right After Goldenweek Ends, If You can See It You Can See It
Chapter 325Everyone Seems So Grown Up After Winter Vacation
Chapter 324People Grow Up So Much During Summer Vacation
Chapter 323You Can't Say Pool Without Popori
Chapter 322What Happens Twice Will Happen Thrice
Chapter 321.1There Are Things That You Can Not See Even Your Glasses On
Chapter 321There Are Thinks That You Can't See, Even With Glasses On
Chapter 320Destruction Vs Strike
Chapter 319Creeping Shadows
Chapter 318Start With a Bang
Chapter 317You Should Watch The Ukon Tea Twice When Possible
Chapter 316It's Surprising The People You Meet For The First Time At Funeral
Chapter 315Names And Natures Often Match
Chapter 314Jugem
Chapter 313How About It?
Chapter 312312
Chapter 311311
Chapter 310310
Chapter 309309
Chapter 308308
Chapter 307307
Chapter 306306
Chapter 305305
Chapter 304304
Chapter 303303
Chapter 302302
Chapter 301301
Chapter 300300
Chapter 299299
Chapter 298
Chapter 297297
Chapter 296296
Chapter 295Cocoa over hearts
Chapter 294.1Do New Years cards with calligraphy pens
Chapter 294Do New Years Cards with Calligraphy Pens
Chapter 293293
Chapter 292292
Chapter 291whaT santa delivers is not limited to presents
Chapter 290290
Chapter 289289
Chapter 288288
Chapter 287287
Chapter 286286
Chapter 285285
Chapter 284284
Chapter 283283
Chapter 282282
Chapter 281281
Chapter 280280
Chapter 279279
Chapter 278278
Chapter 277277
Chapter 276276
Chapter 275275
Chapter 274274
Chapter 273273
Chapter 272272
Chapter 271271
Chapter 270270
Chapter 269269
Chapter 268268
Chapter 267267
Chapter 266266
Chapter 265Things Like Character Polls Should Fuck Off
Chapter 264264
Chapter 263263
Chapter 262262
Chapter 261261
Chapter 260260
Chapter 259259
Chapter 258258
Chapter 257257
Chapter 256256
Chapter 255255
Chapter 254254
Chapter 253253
Chapter 252252
Chapter 251251
Chapter 250250
Chapter 249249
Chapter 248248
Chapter 247247
Chapter 246246
Chapter 245245
Chapter 244244
Chapter 243243
Chapter 242242
Chapter 241241
Chapter 240240
Chapter 239239
Chapter 238238
Chapter 237237
Chapter 236236
Chapter 235235
Chapter 234234
Chapter 233233
Chapter 232232
Chapter 231231
Chapter 230230
Chapter 229229
Chapter 228228
Chapter 227227
Chapter 226226
Chapter 225225
Chapter 224224
Chapter 223223
Chapter 222222
Chapter 221221
Chapter 220220
Chapter 219219
Chapter 218218
Chapter 217217
Chapter 216216
Chapter 215215
Chapter 214214
Chapter 213213
Chapter 212212
Chapter 211211
Chapter 210210
Chapter 209209
Chapter 208208
Chapter 207207
Chapter 206206
Chapter 205205
Chapter 204204
Chapter 203203
Chapter 202202
Chapter 201201
Chapter 200200
Chapter 199199
Chapter 198198
Chapter 197197
Chapter 196196
Chapter 195195
Chapter 194194
Chapter 193193
Chapter 192192
Chapter 191191
Chapter 190.1190.1
Chapter 190190
Chapter 189189
Chapter 188188
Chapter 187187
Chapter 186186
Chapter 185185
Chapter 184184
Chapter 183183
Chapter 182182
Chapter 181181
Chapter 180180
Chapter 179179
Chapter 178178
Chapter 177177
Chapter 176176
Chapter 175175
Chapter 174174
Chapter 173173
Chapter 172172
Chapter 171171
Chapter 170
Chapter 169
Chapter 168168
Chapter 167167
Chapter 166166
Chapter 165The Schemer Is Caught In His Own Scheme
Chapter 164164
Chapter 163163
Chapter 162162
Chapter 161161
Chapter 160160
Chapter 159159
Chapter 158158
Chapter 157157
Chapter 156156
Chapter 155155
Chapter 154154
Chapter 153153
Chapter 152152
Chapter 151151
Chapter 150150
Chapter 149149
Chapter 148148
Chapter 147147
Chapter 146146
Chapter 145145
Chapter 144144
Chapter 143143
Chapter 142142
Chapter 141141
Chapter 140140
Chapter 139139
Chapter 138138
Chapter 137137
Chapter 136136
Chapter 135135
Chapter 134134
Chapter 133133
Chapter 132132
Chapter 131131
Chapter 130130
Chapter 129129
Chapter 128128
Chapter 127127
Chapter 126126
Chapter 125125
Chapter 124124
Chapter 123123
Chapter 122122
Chapter 121121
Chapter 120120
Chapter 119119
Chapter 118118
Chapter 117117
Chapter 116116
Chapter 115115
Chapter 114114
Chapter 113113
Chapter 112112
Chapter 111111
Chapter 110110
Chapter 109109
Chapter 108108
Chapter 107107
Chapter 106106
Chapter 105105
Chapter 104104
Chapter 103103
Chapter 102102
Chapter 101101
Chapter 100100
Chapter 9999
Chapter 9898
Chapter 9797
Chapter 9696
Chapter 9595
Chapter 9494
Chapter 9393
Chapter 9292
Chapter 9191
Chapter 9090
Chapter 8989
Chapter 8888
Chapter 8787
Chapter 8686
Chapter 8585
Chapter 8484
Chapter 8383
Chapter 8282
Chapter 8181
Chapter 8080
Chapter 7979
Chapter 7878
Chapter 7777
Chapter 7676
Chapter 7575
Chapter 7474
Chapter 7373
Chapter 7272
Chapter 7171
Chapter 7070
Chapter 6969
Chapter 6868
Chapter 6767
Chapter 6666
Chapter 6565
Chapter 6464
Chapter 6363
Chapter 6262
Chapter 6161
Chapter 6060
Chapter 5959
Chapter 5858
Chapter 5757
Chapter 5656
Chapter 5555
Chapter 5454
Chapter 5353
Chapter 5252
Chapter 5151
Chapter 5050
Chapter 4949
Chapter 4848
Chapter 4747
Chapter 4646
Chapter 4545
Chapter 4444
Chapter 4343
Chapter 4242
Chapter 4141
Chapter 4040
Chapter 3939
Chapter 3838
Chapter 3737
Chapter 3636
Chapter 3535
Chapter 3434
Chapter 3333
Chapter 3232
Chapter 3131
Chapter 3030
Chapter 2929
Chapter 2828
Chapter 2727
Chapter 2626
Chapter 2525
Chapter 2424
Chapter 2323
Chapter 2222
Chapter 2121
Chapter 2020
Chapter 1919
Chapter 1818
Chapter 1717
Chapter 1616
Chapter 1515
Chapter 1414
Chapter 1313
Chapter 1212
Chapter 1111
Chapter 1010
Chapter 99
Chapter 88
Chapter 77
Chapter 66
Chapter 55
Chapter 44
Chapter 33
Chapter 22
Chapter 11
Chapter 00