Ranma ½

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Chapter list Chapter Name Action
Chapter 407Finale: Ranma and Akane
Chapter 406Akane's Smile
Chapter 405The Gekkaja's Power
Chapter 404Fight! Ranma vs Saffron
Chapter 403Saffron is Reborn
Chapter 402The Final Memory
Chapter 401The Dragon Tap
Chapter 400Saffron Transforms!
Chapter 399Phoenix and Dragon
Chapter 398Akane Escapes!
Chapter 397Jusenkyo's Disaster
Chapter 396Akane... in Jusenkyo?
Chapter 395Aerial Battle at Mount Phoenix
Chapter 394Journey into the Center of Mount Phoenix
Chapter 393The Prince of Mount Phoenix
Chapter 392Ranma Returns to China
Chapter 391The Hatchling
Chapter 390Battle for the Map of Jusenkyo
Chapter 389A Messenger from Jusenkyo
Chapter 388Trying to Prosper (Forcefully)
Chapter 387Wear the Ring!!
Chapter 386A Gift from Mom
Chapter 385Ranma Leaves the Tendo Home
Chapter 384Meeting and Parting
Chapter 383Ranma and Seppuku
Chapter 382A Mother's Suspicion
Chapter 381Mr and Mrs Saotome Reunite
Chapter 380Saotome's Visit the Grave
Chapter 379Ryoga and Akari's Date
Chapter 378The Conspiracy of Jellyfish Beach
Chapter 377The Leaves that Bind
Chapter 376Konatsu's Happiness
Chapter 375Ranma vs Konatsu
Chapter 374Konatsu, the Runaway
Chapter 373The Wrath of Kunoichi
Chapter 372Oh no! Sexy Kunoichi Sisters
Chapter 371Nabiki's Revenge
Chapter 370The Final Goodbye
Chapter 369Get Rid of that Mirror!
Chapter 368Triangle Relationship
Chapter 367Two Ranma's
Chapter 366The Smiling Three Year Death
Chapter 365The Smell of Nightmares
Chapter 364Please See the Real Me
Chapter 363First Clear Meeting
Chapter 362Father and Mother
Chapter 361Punishment! The Perverted Juvenile
Chapter 360Bust Battle
Chapter 359Ranma, Take a Bow!
Chapter 358The Delinquent Teacher
Chapter 357Little Heart
Chapter 356Bean Throwing Night
Chapter 355Fierce Battle! Mask Death March
Chapter 354An Octopus is Following Me
Chapter 353The Saotome Family Hot Springs Trip
Chapter 352Trouble with "Ema's"
Chapter 351I'll Repay You Back Tonight
Chapter 350Two Shampoos
Chapter 349Quest for 16 Cm
Chapter 348Return to the Mushroom Forest
Chapter 347The Mushroom of Ages
Chapter 346Kasumi is Angry
Chapter 345The Healing Power of Lust
Chapter 344The Distance Between the Two
Chapter 343My Feelings for Akane
Chapter 342Ranma's Master Plan
Chapter 341The Chosen One
Chapter 340Black vs White! A Boyfriend Duel?!
Chapter 339Asuka of the White Lily
Chapter 338Secret Fist! Empty-Handed Filial Piety Random Strike!
Chapter 337Two Platonic Flames
Chapter 336How to Use the "Source of Power"
Chapter 335Rounge Shape-Changes!
Chapter 334The Glowing Girl
Chapter 333Ranma Goes Hawaiian!
Chapter 332The Doll's Trap
Chapter 331The Vengeful Spirit Doll
Chapter 330It's Summer! Jumbo Order of Chilled Ramen Anyone?
Chapter 329Clash in the Swimming Class
Chapter 328It's Raining Love
Chapter 327Both Akane and Akari
Chapter 326What a Lucky Day! My Family is Away!
Chapter 325Dance of the Butterflies
Chapter 324Butterfly Brocade
Chapter 323Happosai's New Pupil
Chapter 322The Cursed Spatula
Chapter 321All Through the Night
Chapter 320Hot Reunion ?!
Chapter 319Ranma and his Hot Cold
Chapter 318The Curse of the Man-Cherry Tree
Chapter 317Let's Study
Chapter 316The Endless Fighting Spirit
Chapter 315Angry Hair Heaven
Chapter 314The Ideal Couple
Chapter 313I Love Pigs!
Chapter 312Ryoga's Spring
Chapter 311The 10-Yen Battle from Hell!
Chapter 310The King of Debt vs the Queen of Debt
Chapter 309The Clash of the Kings of Cash
Chapter 308I Oni Have Eyes for You
Chapter 307Attack of the Killer Secret Herb
Chapter 306The Garden of Poisonous Beauty
Chapter 305Flower Power!
Chapter 304Two Peas in a Pod
Chapter 303The Seeds of Doom
Chapter 302Attack of the Phoenix
Chapter 301The Phoenix Sword
Chapter 300Ranma's Tears
Chapter 299The Truth of the Secret Message
Chapter 298Invisible Secret Fist!!
Chapter 297The Tragedy of Yamasen-ken
Chapter 296House of Ocean, House of Mountain
Chapter 295Lightning Fast Umisen-ken
Chapter 294A Letter from Mother
Chapter 293Special Study!! Umisen-ken
Chapter 292Ranma vs Ranma!
Chapter 291Umisen-ken and Yamasen-ken
Chapter 290Mother, I'm Ranma!
Chapter 289Give My Test Back!
Chapter 288The Break-up Exit
Chapter 287The Cursed Tunnel of Lost Love
Chapter 286Flatter Me!
Chapter 285Killer Swimwear
Chapter 284The Unmanliest
Chapter 283A Tearful Apology
Chapter 282Invincible Glasses
Chapter 281Deadly Lover's Escape
Chapter 280I've Got a Yen for Soun
Chapter 279Fatal Home Visit!
Chapter 278Gift Words
Chapter 277Let's Go Home Together!
Chapter 276Blow the Horn-Whistle!
Chapter 275Take Care of Akane
Chapter 274The Eighth Head
Chapter 273The Serpent is Angry
Chapter 272The King of Rare Beasts Appears!
Chapter 271Bye-Bye, Akane
Chapter 270In the Tree-Shade of the Forest
Chapter 269Water of Life
Chapter 268Secret of the Strange Forest
Chapter 267Reawakened Memories
Chapter 266Akane's Journey
Chapter 265Ultimate Health Technique
Chapter 264Happo No-Yen Coin Return
Chapter 263The Formation from Hell!
Chapter 262Push Those Pressure Points! Now!
Chapter 261The Most Dangerous Woman in History
Chapter 260The Mysterious Happo Five-Yen Satsu
Chapter 259The New Teacher is Certain Death
Chapter 258Welcome Home, Ranma!
Chapter 257Ranma! Return to Manhood!
Chapter 256Stand Up, Ranma!
Chapter 255Herb's Angry Confession
Chapter 254Distant Manhood
Chapter 253Behold! The Open-Water Waterfall
Chapter 252The Tragedy of the Ladle
Chapter 251Death on Horaison
Chapter 250The Pursuit to Horaison
Chapter 249Ranma vs Herb - A Woman's Fight in the Open-Air Bath
Chapter 248Ranma's Lost Manhood
Chapter 247The Wild Animal Dynasty
Chapter 246Guests at the Cat Cafe
Chapter 245The Warsuit
Chapter 244An Uncontrollable Relationship
Chapter 243A Terrible Relationship
Chapter 242New Relationship
Chapter 241Creative Cooking
Chapter 240Cinderella's Favor
Chapter 239Steps by the Seashore
Chapter 238Fight! Defeat the Tentacles
Chapter 237Out the Frying Pan and Into Hot Water
Chapter 236The Secret Black Weapon
Chapter 235The Attack of Pantyhose Taro
Chapter 234The Incredible Tale of the Unstealable Panties
Chapter 233True Confession
Chapter 232Love Reverberation
Chapter 231Say "I Love You!"
Chapter 230A Turn of Emotion
Chapter 229A Dream Deferred
Chapter 228Sunday in the Park with Ranma
Chapter 227Walking the Katana's Edge
Chapter 226The Promise of a Man
Chapter 225Genma's Mysterious Secret
Chapter 224True Love Prevails... in the End
Chapter 223Seriously Intense Love
Chapter 222Evenly Matched Love
Chapter 221Victory of Love?!
Chapter 220Cheerleading by Love
Chapter 219Cheerleader's First Love
Chapter 218A Storm of Flowers
Chapter 217Akane's Feelings
Chapter 216The Cherry-Blossom Marked Man!
Chapter 215Hell's Cradle
Chapter 214When the Chick Leaves the Nest
Chapter 213Daddy, You're the Strongest Man in the World
Chapter 212Waves of Rumors
Chapter 211Sibling Rivalry
Chapter 210The Old Man and the Plum Blossoms
Chapter 209Do Not Ask for Whom the Bell Tolls
Chapter 208The Curse on New Year's Eve
Chapter 207A Gravitating Victory
Chapter 206Fight! Lion vs Tiger
Chapter 205Defeating Depression
Chapter 204Bad Things Happen
Chapter 203Prelude to Failure
Chapter 202The Shishihokodan
Chapter 201Master-Student Secret Pill
Chapter 200Paper People Love
Chapter 199Curse of the Hot Spring Town
Chapter 198Ten Things I Hate About Ukyo
Chapter 197Here Comes Mr and Mrs Ranma Saotome
Chapter 196The Terrible Truth
Chapter 195For Love of the Sauce
Chapter 194That's What Friends are for!
Chapter 193The Beachside Island
Chapter 192The Beachside Pur-Suitor
Chapter 191The Beachside Amnesiac
Chapter 190The Time Traveling Old Freak (Part 2)
Chapter 189The Time Traveling Old Freak (Part 1)
Chapter 188Your Name is...
Chapter 187Sure Fire! Pantyhose Meteor Kick
Chapter 186Strike Back with Hot Water
Chapter 185Beyond the Valley of the Eruptions Traps
Chapter 184Rock Above Water
Chapter 183Rescue Team for Akane
Chapter 182Where is Akane?
Chapter 181The Demon's True Identity
Chapter 180The Demon That Came From Jusenkyo
Chapter 179It's Scary When You Turn Cursed Pages
Chapter 178The Maze of Love and Revenge
Chapter 177I'm Sorry Akane
Chapter 176I'm Sorry Ranma
Chapter 175Nabiki's Feelings
Chapter 174The Truth Is Confessed!
Chapter 173I Don't Want Ranma!
Chapter 172Do Not Dessert Me
Chapter 171Dinner Wars: The Final Course!
Chapter 170Who Masters What?
Chapter 169Bathroom Training
Chapter 168Lekarate De Foie Gras
Chapter 167La Miserable
Chapter 166Bad Manors
Chapter 165Kung Fu Stew
Chapter 164A Goal Too Far
Chapter 163The Final Choice
Chapter 162Ranma Give Up?!
Chapter 161Hot Bath!
Chapter 160Three-Leg Scramble
Chapter 159Screamin' at the Hot Springs!
Chapter 158Let's Go to the Hot
Chapter 157Hair Raising
Chapter 156The Whisker's Secret
Chapter 155Let your Hair Down
Chapter 154Target: Pigtail
Chapter 153The Virtues of Training
Chapter 152Put On a Poker Face
Chapter 151Never Bet Your Live
Chapter 150The King Is Wild
Chapter 149The Final Wish
Chapter 148May I Cut In?
Chapter 147When You Wish upon a Sword
Chapter 146Santa's Little Disciples
Chapter 145Akane Guesses the Secret
Chapter 144The Mark of the Pig
Chapter 143Face Off!
Chapter 142The Mark of the Gods
Chapter 141Step Outside
Chapter 140Courage Under Water
Chapter 139Swim Like a Hammer
Chapter 138Kitty Takes a Bride
Chapter 137Who Will Bell the Cat?
Chapter 136Ranma Reborn
Chapter 135The Paper Chase
Chapter 134Burn, Happy, Burn
Chapter 133St. Happosai
Chapter 132The Great Rematch
Chapter 131The Roar of Heavan
Chapter 130The Inflammable Man
Chapter 129Training in the Spiral of Hell
Chapter 128The Valley of Moxibustion
Chapter 127Weak for Live?!
Chapter 126The World's Weakest Man
Chapter 125The Legendary Moxibustion of Evil
Chapter 124Give Me a Little Hug
Chapter 123Who Do You Love?
Chapter 122Don't Follow Me
Chapter 121Cupids, Draw Back Your Bow
Chapter 120The Soap of Happiness
Chapter 119Gonna Make You Tardy!
Chapter 118Shear Folly
Chapter 117One Hairy Day
Chapter 116The Principal of the Thing
Chapter 115Journey onto the Principal's Office
Chapter 114The Return of the Principal
Chapter 113Serious Side Effects
Chapter 112Super Badminton
Chapter 111Akane's Power-Up!
Chapter 110Hold Me Close
Chapter 109Embraceable you
Chapter 108The Fire-Burst of Terror!
Chapter 107Get the Secret Scroll!
Chapter 106The Ultimate Technique
Chapter 105Get Lost, Yoiko!
Chapter 104Oh, Brother!
Chapter 103Ryoga, Come Home
Chapter 102The Perfect Match
Chapter 101Lunchtime Lunacy
Chapter 100Tsubassa Kurenai Busts Lose
Chapter 99The Happiest Mousse
Chapter 98Fowl Play
Chapter 97Akene Becomes a Duck
Chapter 96Duck, Ranma, Duck!
Chapter 95The Abduction of...Akane?
Chapter 94I Won't Fall in Love!
Chapter 93One Moment to Love
Chapter 92Happosai Days Are Here Again
Chapter 91At Long Last...The Date
Chapter 90Ryoga's What?!
Chapter 89Love Letters in the Sause
Chapter 88Ryoga vs. Ukyo
Chapter 87Ukyo's Secret
Chapter 86Sausy Reply
Chapter 85"Okonomiyaki" Means "I Love You"
Chapter 84...I Ate The Whole Thing
Chapter 83Take Me Out to the Bathtub
Chapter 82Negative Feeling
Chapter 81The Way the Cookie Crumbles
Chapter 80From the Spring, Spring a Message
Chapter 79The Trouble With Girl's Locker Rooms
Chapter 78Quest for the Hidden Spring
Chapter 77A Kiss to the Victor
Chapter 76Not Your Typical Juliet
Chapter 75Romeo? Romeo? Romeo!?
Chapter 74Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?
Chapter 73Just One More Kiss
Chapter 72The Destroyer Strikes
Chapter 71No Need for Ranma
Chapter 70Instant Spring
Chapter 69Fathers Know Best
Chapter 67The Wrath of Happosai
Chapter 66Moonlight Serenade
Chapter 65Bathhouse Battle
Chapter 64He's Something Else
Chapter 63The Evil Wakes
Chapter 62I Won't Eat It!
Chapter 61Noodels, Anyone?
Chapter 60Eye's on the Prize
Chapter 59It's Fast or It's Free
Chapter 58Proposal Accepted
Chapter 57Meet Miss Satsuki
Chapter 56The Way of Tea
Chapter 55Fast Break
Chapter 54The Immortal Man
Chapter 53The Breaking Point
Chapter 52Training Meals
Chapter 51Care to Join Me?
Chapter 50Kitten of the Sea
Chapter 49Naval Engagement
Chapter 48War of the Melons
Chapter 47All's Fair at the Fair
Chapter 46The Phoenix Pill
Chapter 45Cat's Tongue Got You?
Chapter 44The Martial Arts Magic Show
Chapter 43Attack of the Wild Mousse
Chapter 42Shampoo of the Wild Mousse
Chapter 41You'd Have Kissed Anybody?
Chapter 40Cat-Fu
Chapter 39Cat Hell
Chapter 38Weak Spot - Found!
Chapter 37Looking For a Weak Spot
Chapter 36Bie Liao (Goodbye)
Chapter 35Formula #911
Chapter 34Shampoo Cleans Up
Chapter 33Akane Gets Shampooed
Chapter 32You I Love
Chapter 31Kiss of Death
Chapter 30The Waters of Love
Chapter 29Ryoga Explodes!
Chapter 28Burning the Bridges
Chapter 27I'll Never Let GO
Chapter 25Lips at a Loss
Chapter 24A Kiss in the Rink
Chapter 23Darling Charlotte
Chapter 22I Give Up
Chapter 21Hot Competition
Chapter 20I'll See You Lose
Chapter 19Take Care of My Sister
Chapter 18The Love of the Black Roze
Chapter 17Kodachi the Black Roze
Chapter 16He's Got a Beef
Chapter 15The Transformation of Ryoga
Chapter 14Who Says You're Cute
Chapter 13A Bad Cut
Chapter 12Showdown
Chapter 11Bread Feud
Chapter 10The Hunter
Chapter 9You're Cute When You Smile
Chapter 8Because There's a Girl He Likes
Chapter 7You'll understand Soon Enough
Chapter 6Body and Soul
Chapter 5To The Tree-Borne Kettle-Girl
Chapter 4Never, Never, Never
Chapter 3I Hate Man!
Chapter 2Ranma's Secret
Chapter 1Here's Ranma